Thursday, June 27, 2013

I Am Free (A Study in Galatians) Lesson 4

I AM FREE! A Study in Galatians
Galatians 4
Freedom from Slavery

Heirs vs. slaves, Grace vs. law!

Read verses 1-7

·         In contrast to bondage to the ______, life in Christ is the ___________ of sons and daughters.

·         Fullness of time is the __________ of __________.

·         God’s purpose in sending Christ was to _________ and ________ us.

Read verses 8-11

·         Paul tells us that going back to ____________ is no different than going back to __________ worship.

Read verses 12-20

·         What do verses 13-15 tell us?

·         In verses 17 and 18, what are the motives of the Judaizers?

Read verses 21-31

·         In these scriptures, Paul’s premise is that true descent from Abraham is __________ and not ___________.

·         Isaac represents those who trust in ___________ and Ishmael represents those who are in bondage to the _____.


Describe the “atmosphere” that surrounds a person living totally free in Jesus. (attitude, heart, outlook, treatment of others, approach to sin in others, etc.)

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